Our Mission

Connecting our communities through free access to youth sports in a fun, structured environment.

Volo City Kids provides our community with an opportunity to learn, practice and play a variety of sports in a fun but structured environment at no cost to the family. Our program removes barriers to athletic participation such as gender, skill,  and financial resources. We emphasize team play through our league play and community building by including volunteers from the surrounding communities and by providing post-game social events for players, parents and volunteers.

The Challenge

Participation in youth sports is declining despite the well documented physical, social, emotional and educational benefits.  Kids drop out when they feel they are not good enough, or they are not having fun. Parents may be forced to withdraw their kids due to concerns about the cost, the time commitment, or an oppressive emphasis on winning. These restrictions disproportionately affect inner city and low income families.

The importance of building community has been highlighted in recent years particularly in Baltimore where we started this program. Baltimore is known for pockets of wealthy neighborhoods within a city of severely limited resources. Just last year when increased poverty, crime rates and tension erupted, the large disparity between the communities was again highlighted.  We have since expanded this program to all of our cities because of the positive outcome.

Whether it’s rooting for the same home team, representing your school as a player or making friends in a new neighborhood, sports bring communities together.

The Game Plan

Volo City Kids removes the often encountered barriers to participation


Youth programs


Organized programs with equipment, refs and a structured but fun environment


For kids of all abilities that may not have these sports available in their area. We have and plan to offer: flag football, soccer, bocce, sailing, T-ball, volleyball and more!

Our Unique Approach

  • 1 Day: One night a week of each sport for the duration of the season. With multiple sports per season, each on a different night of the week, a child can experience a variety of sports with different teammates within the community.
  • Food: 60 minutes of play followed by free food & drink donated by local businesses within the community.
  • Volunteer Partnership: Our structured environment is supervised by volunteers from within the community as well as from our neighborhood adult Volo City sports leagues. Volo City members are young professionals who are looking to get involved with their own community through the kids leagues.

The Result

Connecting our communities through structured sports in a fun and social environment.