Volo Kids began in the spring of 2015 as a passion project for Giovanni Marcantoni, CEO of Volo Sports Leagues. Volo Sports creates ways for adults to interact socially without barriers such as gender, age or athletic ability across the country.  As a Baltimore native, Gio knew first hand that he could bring these same benefits to the Baltimore youth community.   Then he met Councilman Brandon Scott, who had a major effect on making Volo Kids free so that all Kids could truly enjoy quality sports without barriers.

The first programs were at Herring Run Rec Center the summer of 2015.  It was clear there was a need for Free quality sports in all of our cities.

Plan: Build the most active cities in America

Goal: For every player who pays, a child plays for free

Volo Kids removes the barriers to participation for those who need the opportunity the most. We provide free, organized play within the community.

Our structured environment is supervised by volunteers from within the community as well as our partner Volo Sports Leagues. Volo Sports members are young professionals who are looking for ways to connect with their community through playing sports. They recognize the effectiveness of sports as a way to connect with others and come to us to share this opportunity with the kids in our community. We provide an opportunity for members to get involved with their own community through the kids programs.

Volo Kids is unique because in addition to the weekly practice and game coaching, we provide post game social events that give players and parents the opportunity to meet others within the community as well as connect with our volunteers and local business contributors.


Click: Everyone can join with the click of a button. 

Play: Organized activities that anyone can access at any time

Social: Community and socialization during and after our events is just as important as the game!