Thank you for volunteering with the Volo Kids Foundation! We are on a mission to provide free youth sports programs to all children, and are grateful to our volunteers for helping us reach this goal. Volo Sports Leagues is happy to recognize qualifying volunteers for their service by offering a number of privileges, including free participation in a Volo adult sports league.


All Volo Kids Foundation volunteers that meet the following qualifications are eligible for a free code redeemable in any Volo Sports league.

  • Volunteer must be present for 85% of their chosen Volo Kids program’s sessions. ‘Present’ is defined as:
    • Onsite for the duration of each session (set up, time with the kids, and clean up)
    • Actively engaged in each session (excessive cell phone usages unrelated to Volo Kids social media is not considered present)
  • Volunteers that currently play in any Volo Sports leagues are in good standing. ‘Good standing’ is defined as any volunteer that has not
    • Been suspended from any current Volo Sports leagues
    • Been expelled from any current Volo Sports leagues
    • Had any issue of poor sportsmanship or unsavory conduct (as reported by any current Volo Sports full time staff, part time staff, referee, sponsor bar representative, or partner) deemed unacceptable by the Volo leadership team, or
    • Exhibited behavior at any current Volo Kids sports program or event deemed objectionable by the Volo leadership team, including (but not limited to) onsite intoxication, inappropriate interactions with Volo Kids players and/or families, and altercations of any kind with fellow volunteers.

Usage Expectations

The volunteer code is a privilege awarded to qualified Volo volunteers. All volunteers using a Volo Kids Foundation code must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Volunteers will receive one free adult league for each kids program they support (and meet the requirements for)
  • The volunteer code is not to be used by any Volo player that it was not initially awarded to. Sharing a volunteer code with someone who did not earn said code will result in the removal of the volunteer code from the registration of both the recipient of the shared code and the original recipient of the code. Both players will receive an invoice for their registration.
  • The volunteer code is not to be used multiple times in any one Volo Sports league by one volunteer.
  • The volunteer code is not to be used to create fake accounts to fill roster spots.
  • The volunteer code is not to be used to transfer a registration at a later date to any player that was not the initial recipient of the code.
  • Any registration using a volunteer code must show the player’s full name, in true, that matches their registration in the Volo Kids system.

Usage of a Volo Kids volunteer code is a full acceptance of all qualifications and expectations. Volo Sports Leagues and the Volo Kids Foundation reserve the right to revoke a volunteer code at any time if the above criteria is not met. Please direct any questions or concerns to