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League Rules

League Overview

How to Sign Up



  • Minimum players for a full volleyball team is 15.
  • The team captain creates the team and all the team members “join” the team.



  • Yes! You can sign up together even if you do not have a full team!
  • Have Captain “create team” & Note Estimated Players
  • Teammates Join “team” (Before registration deadline)
  • Once Registration is closed  we will merge you with other small groups and free-agents



  • Signing up as a solo player is the best way to make new friend!
  • We will place you with a small group and/or other free agents to form a full team after the registration closes.
  • If you have a friend that decides to sign up just have them note to be put on the same team as you!

Paper Registration

For paper application, please download the attached. Return completed form to nayla@volocity.org

2017 Kids Registration – Form

2017 Kids Registration – Spanish

Volo City Kids Grass Volleyball

Our major contribution to the city of Baltimore is our free sport leagues. This season, we partnered with Patterson Park Preparatory School, a charter school in Canton. Our after school programming is free to all who register and is a great way to learn the basics of a new sport! During our volleyball program, we used a variety of drills to teach our participants proper a volleyball stance, as well as how to bump, set, hit and serve. After the drills, the children have a chance to practice their newly learned skills during a real game! Each children receives a free Volo City Kids t-shirt, designating their team for end of day play. With encouragement from volunteers and fellow players, each child has the chance to learn a new sport, make new friends and experience the feeling of being on a team!

League Details

  • Included:
    • Shirts, Equipment, Coaches & Refs
    • Food specials
    • Prizes. This is a SOCIAL league so make sure to bring your team and family to the after party!
  • How Long:  6 weeks + Playoffs
  • Games:  EVERY WEEK & 20 mins of Practice
  • Who:  Any kids are welcome to join, just bring a positive attitude

Sign Up? 

  • Register Online and we will find you a team.  If friends want to be together please start a team and have everyone join the team when they sign up!
Questions – Please email nayla@volocity.org or call us!  443-842-4073