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  • Equipment
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  • Post-game Meals

Volo City Kids provides our community with an opportunity to learn, practice and play a variety of sports in a fun but structured environment at no cost to the family.  We emphasize team play through our league play and community building by providing post-game social events, which include food provided by local businesses.

We REMOVE THE BARRIERS TO PARTICIPATION for those who need the opportunity most and provide free, organized play within the community.

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer with Volo Kids New York City and receive a discounted Volo City Adult league!

It’s a win for everyone involved!  We help some great local programs get the word out and some help and you get to do something good in your community and get a little bit off your league membership!!

In addition to all these other wonderful benefits …

  • Connect with volunteers from a variety of professional backgrounds, local business contributors and future social sports players!
  • Practice a professional skill you’ve been meaning to develop while supporting an organization that removes the barriers to athletic participation for those who need the opportunity most.
  • Share your love of social sports with the kids in our community.
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Volo City Kids Foundation

We are unique because in addition to the weekly practice and game coaching, we provide post game social events that give players and parents the opportunity to meet others within the community as well as connect with our volunteers and local business contributors.

  • 1 Day: One night a week of each sport for the duration of the season. With multiple sports per season, each on a different night of the week, a child can experience a variety of sports with different teammates within the community.
  • Food: 75 minutes of play followed by free food & drink donated by local businesses within the community.
  • Volunteer Partnership: Our structured environment is supervised by volunteers from within the community as well as from our neighborhood adult social sports league. Volo City adult members are young professionals in the NYC area who are looking to get involved with their own community through the kids leagues.

Who plays?

Volo City Kids hosts weekly sports leagues for boys and girls ages 6-12!

Our programs bring communities together by removing barriers to athletic participation.

Volo City Kids provides a structured and fun environment for kids who want to learn a sport, build new skills, play with their friends or make new friends.

We at Volo City Kids understand busy schedules and therefore require less of a time commitment from parents by incorporating a one-stop practice and play philosophy (one trip, once a week). With this system, more parents are willing and able to volunteer and participate within the league.

Why we play?


participation rates among kids living in households with incomes below $25K


kids quit sports by age 13


children that say “fun” is the main reason they participate in sports