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Get to know the Volo Kids Leadership Team! We asked, “What does play mean to you?”

Nayla Bautista

Favorite Sport: All the sports!
“Play provides a fun and engaging way for people of all ages to learn, grow, and connect. In addition to experiencing the physical and mental benefits of being active, we learn how to support others, compete respectfully, and be on a team- the benefits of which continue long after the play session has ended.”

Jen Rifkin

Executive Director
Favortie Sport: Football!
“Play is so powerful for children because it gives them the opportunity to practice invaluable skills in a structured environment that they will carry with them through the rest of their lives, both on and off the sports field.”

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Chris Tellez

NYC Youth Program Coordinator
Favorite Sport: D) All of the above
“The most powerful thing about play is the life that it can provide for any kid. Everyone has their own experience when it comes to play. It is beautiful to see how universal play is, and how many souls it is able to touch being that I now coach kids from all over the world living in New York. From my experiences play has become very personal to me become it is now more about play – it is making sure that no matter who you are, where you are from, or how much you have – you have the ability to play.”

Nick Votta

DC Youth Program Coordinator
Favorite Sport: Basketball
“Play is so powerful because it allows kids to practice life skills that they will carry on as they grow older. Play gives you the opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and build relationships that could last forever.”

Kati Wood

Baltimore Youth Program Coordinator
Favorite Sport: Volleyball
“Children should get the chance to figure out what sports they like. Volo Kids provides the opportunity for children to explore all the sports and learn all new skills. These skills are also great for life and not just sports. Leadership and teamwork are bigs things learned on a sports field or courts and Volo Kids helps provide these important skills to all kids.”

Kenzie Williams

Denver Youth Program Coordinator
Favorite Sport: Any and all sports!
“Play is so powerful for kids because it gives them a chance to start figuring out what makes them so happy in life, especially without the opinions of the people in their lives dictating it. It’s amazing to see how play and sports can teach kids other character traits that they will use for the rest of their lives; leadership, teamwork, respect. I’ve realized that I might be the first time these kids will ever have access to a coach and I want to give them the same opporunity that sports gave me growing up. I wouldn’t be where I am today if I didn’t have a coach who took the time to help me grow and believe in me.”

Jeffry Pabon

Boston Youth Program Coordinator
Favorite Sport: All the sports BUT if I really had to pick one - flag football
“Play is an amazing, beautiful, and powerful aspect to any child’s development. Kids aren’t just learning how to dribble a basketball, how to throw a football, or pass a soccer ball.They are learning awesome life lessons such as how to work with others, how to become a leader, how to make decisions under pressure, and much much more! They are learning these amazing lessons while having a blast and staying healthy, all at the same time. All kids deserve the opportunity to give play a chance and Volo Kids is on a mission to make sure no kid is left out!”

Rebecca Romero

San Diego Youth Program Coordinator
Favorite Sport: Volleyball
“Play is so powerful to me because it gives me the ability to destress by having fun playing sports with others! If I’m feeling stressed, or unmotivated, playing volleyball recharges me both physically and mentally! I believe kids need to start learning about health and wellness at a very early age so they can live happy, fullfilled lives. Play is absolutely essential to live a balanced life!”