Unlock the Power of Play for Every Kid, Everywhere

Volo Kids is on a mission to use play to build communities of active, resilient, and confident kids.

It is our goal to provide our communities with an opportunity to learn, practice and play a variety of sports in a fun but structured environment at no cost to the family. Our program removes traditional barriers to athletic participation such as gender, skill,  and financial resources. We emphasize team play through practice, and mobilize volunteers from within the community for support. Each of our programs is accompanied by post-game social events for players, parents and volunteers.

The Challenge

With nearly 11.8 million kids in the United States living in poverty; household income, housing instability, food insecurity, and a lack of physical activity are among the many factors that drive disparities in health outcomes (U.S. Census Bureau, 2019).  Childhood obesity impacts 13.7 million children and adolescents and can lead to the early onset of diabetes, heart disease, and high cholesterol. 

Higher physical activity among kids is associated with lower obesity rates, less smoking or other drug use, lower levels of depression, and higher self-esteem.  Participation in youth sports is declining despite these well documented physical, social, emotional and educational benefits (The Aspen Institute Project Play, 2019). Low income parents, focused on meeting the basic needs of their families, may be forced to withdraw their kids from sports due to concerns about the cost, time commitment, safety, and transportation.

The Volo Kids Foundation believes in unlocking the power play by making opportunities for youth sports more accessible for all kids. 

The Game Plan

Volo Kids removes the often-encountered barriers to participation


Youth sports programs complete with equipment, shirts, and snacks


Coaches, referees, and curriculum that ensure a safe, fun, and structured environment


For all kids, regardless of experience level, age, gender, or any other traditional barrier to youth participation

Our Unique Approach

Variety of Offerings. With multiple sports per season, each on a different day of the week, we encourage our kids to sample a variety of sports.

Inclusive & Diverse Play. Kids programming is offered in a variety of communities across our cities.  We promote all opportunities to play to all kids, which results in a diverse group of players from a variety of neighborhoods, backgrounds and experience levels.

Strong Mentors. Our structured environment is supervised by volunteers from within the community as well as from our neighborhood adult Volo Sports Leagues. Volo adult members are young professionals who are looking to get involved and give back to their communities. Volo Kids offers the perfect platform to do so.

Dedicated Social Time. Each session of play is followed by a group huddle. In addition to snacks, this is an opportunity for kids to interact with coaches, share their experience with their new friends, reflect on what they learned, and discuss what comes next.

Character Development.  Volo Kids Volunteers engage kids in character development exercises that focus on topics such as leadership, teamwork, concentration, and the importance of practice.  These skills, combined with structured play, promote active, resilient, and confident kids.

The Result

Active, resilient, and confident kids with unlimited access to the power of play!