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What we Play

Volo Kids is on a mission to provide free youth sports and activities to communities, on and off the field! 

  • Virtual Network: Virtual events and activities provide a resource for families outside of the traditional structure of scheduled sports programs. Players can stay active and continue developing lifelong habits any time of the day or night, through a combination of scheduled activities and interactive resources.
  • Social Opportunity: Virtual engagement provides our communities with the unique opportunity to connect with players and families on a national level, building valuable relationships across state lines.
  • Volunteer Model: Our structured environment is supervised by volunteers from within our very own Volo family. Young professionals nationwide can come together to build and support their communities.

Who plays?

Volo Kids Virtual provides weekly opportunities for children and families to stay active and engaged on and off the field

Our programs bring communities together by removing barriers to athletic participation.

Volo Kids Virtual provides a structured and fun environment for kids who want to learn a sport, build new skills, play with their friends or make new friends.

We at Volo Kids Virtual understand busy lives and therefore allow a more flexible time commitment from parents by incorporating both scheduled activities and pre-published resources.

Why we play?


participation rates among kids living in households with incomes below $25K


kids quit sports by age 13


adults say that sports make a difference in childhood development


children that say “fun” is the main reason they participate in sports